Vinyl flooring has existed for decades and it continues to represent one of the most popular materials for domestic as well as commercial uses. This is due in large part to the kaleidoscope of benefits that it has to offer the end user.

What are the Advantages of Vinyl Flooring
Whether you are considering a home renovation or you need to repair an existing floor with a hard-wearing alternative, the advantages below should not be ignored. Let us take a look at why so many customers choose the vinyl solutions offered by Flooring Supplies Direct.

A Bespoke Sense of Style

Modern sheet vinyl flooring incorporates all of the latest design trends so that this surface can compliment any location. It is possible to replicate nearly every pattern imaginable, so the choices are virtually limitless. From wood and stone to granite and everything in between, there is no doubt that these tiles aim to please.

Extremely Durable

Vinyl floors are capable of withstanding a high level of foot traffic without chipping, scratching or otherwise suffering physical damage. However, vinyl is also markedly less expensive when compared to more traditional options. These qualities signify that you will enjoy an excellent return on investment.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike wood or stone, vinyl requires very little maintenance other than common household cleaning solutions, a broom and a mop. Most stains will not be absorbed into the subsurface and vinyl is also waterproof. These are some of the obvious reasons why this material is often used in hallways, kitchens and similar areas that could be prone to dirt and grime.

Simple Installation

Vinyl floor tiles are very easy to install and few tools are required. Once the dimensions of the room in question have been determined, the tiles can simply be cut and glued into place.

This do-it-yourself aspect has made vinyl a very popular option for those who cannot afford the expensive installation services associated with wood or stone.

If you are considering a vinyl floor for your home or place of business, please contact a specialist at Flooring Supplies Direct to discuss your options in greater detail.