Gradus Stair Nosings

Longer Lasting and Safer Stairs with Gradus Nosings

Stair trims are worth spending money on because they give stairs a finished look and improve their functionality. Gradus nosings are some of the best on the market because they are built for long life. You can use the nosings with any flooring solution from vinyl tiles to laminate. When installed correctly, the trims cover the edges of floor surfaces, preventing wear and tear. They protect the stair edges from heavy damage caused by foot traffic. At Flooring Supplies Direct, we have an extensive selection of Gradus stair nosings.

Enhance Safety

Besides the look of your stairs, nosings are designed to make the surfaces safe for users. Stair edgings define the edges on steps according to guidelines in The Building Regulations 2010. Gradus nosings for stairs are designed in adherence to the latest regulations to guarantee that your property is up to code. Rubber trims can help minimise accidents by making stair edges smoother and well-defined. Gradus also includes slip-resistant inserts for interior wet and dry conditions. It means that the nosings stay on the carpet regardless of the environment.

Nosings for All Needs

The wide choice of Gradus edgings means that you can find a stair edge nosing that is ideal for a specific environment. You can select from several materials, such as aluminium, chrome and bronze. The edgings come in four profiles, including rounded and square. Whether you are installing in a high or low traffic area, you can find suitable nosings. Gradus also offers edgings in different colours, allowing you to easily match office carpet tiles.

Browse our Gradus nosings product range to pick the right accessory for your stairs. We guarantee quality products at reasonable prices.

T200, T250 abd T300 are sold per coil.