Forbo Safety Flooring

Forbo Safety Flooring is designed for areas with high slip risks. Areas such as professional kitchens, public bathrooms and flower shops pose a high risk of falls and accidents.

Such environments are a menace to public safety and owners have a responsibility to improve the. Forbo has different lines of safety flooring that you can get for various settings.

At Flooring Supplies Direct, we stock genuine Forbo flooring in a variety of styles and colours. You can count on products that meet European and UK health and safety standards. The integrated PUR reinforces the performance of the flooring, allowing you to enjoy long service.

Forbo Flooring for Different Applications

Forbo vinyl flooring for slip-resistance use comes in four main ranges; Surestep, Safestep, Solidstep and Wetroom. Surestep Original is one of the lines that we carry.

The vinyl safety flooring is a fresh alternative to the conventional variety. It is available in 33 colourways that differ in hues and lightness. The clean aesthetic creates beautiful interiors that can match with almost any colour scheme.

Forbo Surestep safety flooring comes with R10 slip resistance, making it suitable for general walking areas with increased slip risk.

Browse our collection of Forbo Safety Flooring to narrow down your options. The superior standard engineering of the flooring promises safety and durability.


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