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Deliveries to the Isle of Wight:

Orders will be sent to the Red Funnel Ferries to cross the Solent. Red Funnel Ferries will call the customer to pay the cost of transport via the ferry. The goods will then be left at the East Cowes Parcel Collection depot for collection.

Measure the length of the room, measure the breadth of the room. Then multiply these two numbers together.

Note: For complex room shapes, please send us a diagram so we can advise you.

The standard width of vinyl sheet is 2m wide.  Therefore if you require 3lnr you need to put 6m2 in the box as this wold be 2m x 3m = 6m2

You should allow between 10-15% on top of your Net Measurement.

The tiles have an arrow on the back. If you want the tiles to give a broad loom effect with the pile running the same way, then make sure the arrows are all pointing the same way. If you want a checker board effect make sure that the arrows are at ninety degrees to each other i.e every other tile is turned a quarter turn.

Note: There will be fitting guidelines with each box of tiles.

Each product has specific guidelines on maintenance. We can send these guidelines by email or you can check the manufacturers website.

We stock the F Ball range of adhesives.

For adhering carpet tiles use F41
For luxury vinyl tiles use F46
For vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet, vinyl safety flooring use F44
For rubber use F58
For cove former, capping strip, sticking vinyl vertically use F60
For vinyl safety flooring in heavy duty wet areas use F74
For sticking stair nosings to staircases use Gripfill.

F41 covers 7m2 per litre
F46 covers 3-5m2 per litre
F44 covers 4m2 per litre
F58 covers 3m2 per litre
F60 covers 2m2 per litre
F74 covers 1.5m2 per kg
Gripfill - 1 x 350mill cartridge produces a 12m long 6mm thick bead.

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