Polyflor Luxury Vinyl Tiles


Why Our Polyflor Luxury Vinyl Tiles Are the Best

At Flooring Supplies Direct we have a fantastic range of Polyflor Luxury Vinyl Tiles. We have put together a collection of authentic, creative and practical floor coverings.

This highly imaginative collection of vinyl flooring tiles are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

As Polyflor stockists, our ranges of both wood and stone effect tiles give an authentic feel. Coupled with our great range of luxury vinyl accessories, design options are unlimited.

All of our luxury vinyl tiles are kept in stock so we can guarantee quick dispatch.  These tiles are also available for CLICK and COLLECT

Flooring is an essential factor in any building. Our Polyflor luxury vinyl tiles offer you the best services you can get from flooring. Additionally, if you need to add value to your home or office, or you need to have safe non-slippery flooring, then we have the product you need. Many advantages come with our Polyflor vinyl tiles. Here are the benefits:

Design Options

At Flooring Supplies Direct, we have luxury vinyl tiles that come with different appealing designs. In fact, during purchase, you have a large selection of design to choose from. They have different ranges of fashions that are well viewed after great fitting on the floor. The designs also have various resemblances to different materials such as textured look, hardwood flooring look and so on. They also come in different colours, sizes and shapes.

Ease of Installation

Installation of the vinyl tiles is easy. Our tiles are installable on any level of a house. Additionally, they are lightweight compared to other kinds of flooring material options. Thus, the installation is not tedious and takes a shorter time to complete. However, we caution you to have them well installed to ensure the result is excellent. Our installation services are usually the best. We have a great team of highly experienced experts who help you in making the best selection for your house and offer perfect installation services.


Our vinyl floor tiles offer you a high level of comfortability. They are soft, hence making them comfortable and non-pressing on your feet.

Durable and Cleanable

With our luxury tiles, cleaning and maintenance work is significantly reduced. The tiles are easy to clean and wipe; they are also unaffected by the water that is used to clean them. Therefore, we guarantee you that the tiles remain appealing for a significant number of years.

Furthermore, our tiles are moisture resistant; they are made such that they don’t absorb water or moisture from the humidity. Thus, the tiles remain intact and do not expand or contract as an after effect of water.


We have various kinds of tiles. Typically, we suggest that quality should always come as a consideration factor before price, but despite the term “luxury” our tiles are still affordable. In fact, we offer you a chance to enjoy the luxurious tiles at manageable costs.

With our luxury vinyl tiles, you can have a long-term flooring solution for your home. Whether you need it in the bathroom, kitchen or living room, the Polyflor vinyl tiles are suitable for any space in the house. We do deliver our services with a concise period. Contact us, and we will respond to your needs.\

We recommend using the Polyflor "Room Visualiser" https://www.polyflor.com/residential/visualiser