Vinyl Flooring Tiles

We stock a variety of vinyl flooring tiles from Polyflor. We have many colours in stock available for next day delivery.

Vinyl tiles are a hard wearing solution to your flooring needs. With effective marbled & wood effect designs, it is possible to have a hard wearing floor that is also decorative.

The Polyflor XL PU, 2000 and Mystique tiles have a PU coating which helps to make your floor easy to clean and maintain, making them high-quality vinyl floor tiles.

When people visit your home, the first thing they notice is the floor. The quality of flooring material in use can increase the value of your property. It is hard to decide what to use on your floors, and that is why we are here to advise you. The best choice you can make is to use vinyl floor tiles. These are known to be stain and water resistant. They are also very sturdy and long-lasting. We can also tell you for a fact that you will find very attractive designs in wood effect, stone effect and tile effect to choose from.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

There are usually two types of vinyl flooring, including sheet vinyl and tiles. We stock flooring tiles that come in different dimensions. These tiles resemble ceramic tile floors, and we will deliver them to you at an affordable price.

Vinyl tile installation is usually done in commercial settings and for those who need their homes to appear sparkling clean. This is a cost-effective method of having beautiful floors, especially if your home has a lot of moisture. They can also be used in place of expensive flooring that usually requires high maintenance like carpets.

Our vinyl tiles are made in two different ways. One includes inlay tiles that come in different layers of similar colours joined together. The good thing with such tiles is that even if some layers wear away, they will still retain their colours and look elegant. The other kind is rotogravure vinyl that is less costly than the inlay type. It comes with a slightly thin vinyl layer on the top side filled with colour and a protective coat. The downside with this one is that it wears away over time and also loses its once vibrant colour.

Advantages of Vinyl Floor Tiles

They come with numerous benefits like versatility and long-lasting nature, making them withstand heavy traffic. Walking on tiles is more comfortable and doesn’t produce any noise, which is a plus for any family with little children and pets. The installation process is also easy, and they do not require extensive maintenance, unlike other flooring materials. We also provide them with many colours and designs to suit your preference. Some even look like wood grains, giving you that perfect finish.