CFS Contract Sheet Carpet (Fibre Bonded Carpet)

CFS Contract Carpet Offers Unrivalled Performance Under Heavy Traffic

Finding the right flooring solutions for areas with high traffic can be tedious. You need a product that is durable and safe without costing too much in maintenance. The market has a few options that balance these features perfectly. CFS Contract Carpet is one.

The manufacturer has several collections crafted to meet a host of commercial carpet needs. You can find contract carpeting from CFS at Flooring Supplies Direct. We carry various selections from the brand, including Chinook & Interface. Customers can count on finding genuine products that come with some of the most competitive prices in the UK.

Unmatched Engineering

These carpet types have to be heavy-duty to meet the demands of a commercial setting. With CFS, you can be confident about finding a heavy duty carpet that can put up with regular foot traffic.

The carpeting is made to absorb noise, which makes it ideal for busy sections like office lobbies and hallways. With CFS carpet tiles, you get an anti-static floor covering that makes surfaces comfortable and safe to walk on.

Hardwearing Carpets That are Worth Your Money

CFS Contract carpeting gives you excellent value for money. The floors are hard wearing, which allows them to last a significant while even with heavy traffic. Some of the collections are suitable to use with underfloor thermal heating, making them perfect for indoor applications.

The carpeting is stain resistant, which minimises maintenance needs and, consequently, costs. CFS provides incredible versatility that allows you to easily find a favourite whether you prefer fine ribbed, cut pile or heavy-ribbed wool carpets.

Browse our catalogue to see available CFS carpet products and select the most suitable one.