Carpet Tiles

At Flooring Supplies Direct, we take pride in offering an expansive collection of superior-grade commercial carpet tiles, including renowned brands like CFS, Burmatex, Paragon, and Interface.

With our experienced team of specialists on hand, you'll receive sound advice regarding the ideal product choice and the optimal design strategy.

Choosing The Right Office Carpet Tiles

Opting for the right carpet for your office is an essential decision that calls for careful consideration. Indeed, your office floor has to endure a lot more than the one at home.

The number of coffee spills that occur and the constant wear and tear caused by swivel chairs are quite significant, to say the least. Hence, conventional domestic floor coverings may not be the most effective choice for such demanding conditions.

Robust and Durable Commercial Carpet Tiles

Designed to withstand the heaviest foot traffic, our commercial carpet tiles maintain their aesthetic appeal even in the face of daily challenges like spills and chair movement.

With a range of colours and patterns available, these tiles offer the perfect blend of durability and style, transforming your office space into an appealing work environment.

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