Flooring Adhesives

Durable Vinyl Floor Adhesives

The right adhesive is as important as the correct flooring. Using the wrong type of flooring adhesive to bind tile or other products can compromise the integrity of the entire installation. Flooring Supplies Direct makes it easy for customers to find suitable products by offering a broad selection from which to choose.

F. Ball is one of the brands that we trust for vinyl floor adhesives. It makes solvent free and non-staining adhesives that are protected against biodegradation. The resins are designed to be compatible with different types of floors, meaning that there is something for every project. Get F. Ball flooring adhesives to enjoy durable and superior quality installations.

For adhering carpet tiles use F41

For luxury vinyl tiles use F46

For vinyl floor tiles, vinyl sheet, vinyl safety flooring use F44

For rubber use F58

For cove former, capping strip, sticking vinyl vertically use F60

For vinyl safety flooring in heavy duty wet areas use F74

For sheet carpet use F3