Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Attractive high performance and high quality homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring available in a non-directional or marbleised decoration and featuring an enhanced maintenance protection for optimum appearance retention.

The common denominator for homeowners is the need to see their house presentable to anyone visiting. The first thing a majority of people notice when they visit your home is the floor. Therefore, it is essential to install sheet vinyl that make the house stand out and increase in value. The type of floor tile that can do both functions perfectly is the Vinyl Floor Tile. Vinyl floor tiles are easy to install and are the perfect addition to your home’s interior décor. They come in different designs and colours including, wood effect, stone effect and tile effect, which are attractive and you can select the design and colour that will best suit your home.

Types of Vinyl Flooring Sheets

The two type of sheet for vinyl flooring makes it easy to acquire different dimensions of your home. The two kinds of sheets have the same benefits. Both types are water resistant meaning you do not have to worry about tripping when water or any other liquid is spilt on the floor. They are cost effective since you do not require spending a lot to decorate your house after installing the vinyl floor tiles. Also, instead of using other expensive options for your floor, the vinyl floor tiles are as useful. There are two methods available for making vinyl tiles. The first method is joining different layers of tiles that have a similar colour. The beneficial thing about this method is that even though the top layers of the flooring may wear away, the flooring will still maintain its elegant look and colour. The second method is rotogravure vinyl. This type of process requires layering a slightly thin tile on the upper side filed with colour and placing a protective coat over the tile. The rotogravure method is less costly, unlike the inlay type. However, the major difficulty for a majority of people is where to acquire sheet vinyl flooring and Polyflor vinyl flooring at an affordable price and with instant delivery services.

At Flooring Supplies Direct we stock a diversity of vinyl floor tiles that are affordable and delivered right to your doorstep. Our vinyl floor tiles look like ceramic floors and therefore, with our vinyl floor tile options you get to decorate your home at half the price you would with ceramic floors. We also offer these tiles in various designs and colours to suit our clients’ preference.