Polyflor Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Durable and Cost-Efficient Floors with Vinyl Sheet

Cost is usually one of the first factors most people look at when choosing flooring materials. Sheet vinyl flooring is a good option when searching for a long-lasting, beautiful floor that doesn't cost too much. It is an ideal alternative to tiles and LVT flooring. You get great pattern and colour choices at lower prices than most popular flooring products.

Besides being simple to manufacture, lino flooring is easy to cut and install. Flooring Supplies Direct carries sheet vinyl in different roll sizes, allowing you to find the most suitable width for a particular setting.

You can install our vinyl flooring in different areas, including the kitchen, living room and hallways. We promise superior-quality floors from leading UK manufacturers.

Enjoy Comfort and Style

Cushioned vinyl flooring provides a soft underfoot that you can walk or stand on for a long while. It's why the product is perfect for busy offices. The foam backing in the vinyl sheet gives it a warm underfoot, adding to your comfort.

Our sheet vinyl products come in various patterns, textures and colours, meaning you can find a solution that matches your decor theme. You can pair vinyl flooring with different other products like Polyflor Camaro wood.

Being water resistant, vinyl flooring is ideal for the bathroom and other wet areas. This characteristic also makes it suitable for water-prone commercial environments, like food preparation areas, kitchens and restaurants. You can pair vinyl sheets with safety flooring, such as Altro.

If you want a resilient floor that blends functionality, comfort and affordability, then sheet vinyl flooring is a top consideration. Browse our catalogue to find the best products for your flooring requirements.