February 2020

  1. How To Lay Anti Slip Vinyl Around Bathroom Furniture

    How To Lay Anti Slip Vinyl Around Bathroom Furniture
    One of the challenges associated with bathroom flooring is that it will be required to cope with levels of moisture that are not present in other areas of the home. While tile and stone are always options, the fact of the matter is that these materials can be expensive and difficult to install. One interesting alternative can be seen in the use of vinyl. Continue reading →
  2. How is Slip Resistance Measured For Floors?

    There are many scenarios when slip-resistant flooring will be required in order to reduce the chances of an injury occurring. This type of material is often seen in wet rooms, public entrances, hospitals, schools, and play areas for children. However, you might not be aware that there are different grades of slip-resistant flooring depending upon the requirements of the customer...
  3. A Guide To Commercial Carpet Underlay

    Not only are carpets intended to provide a unique aesthetic appeal to an environment, but they are meant to be extremely comfortable and stable in terms of foot traffic. Many customers will therefore take into account metrics such a the pile thickness, the style and size when addressing a commercial location. However, what occurs "behind the scenes" is just as...

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