Installing stair carpets in a commercial building can be a tricky process. There are many factors to consider when doing so, and if one of those steps is done incorrectly, the whole project could come crashing down. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this guide on how to fit stair carpets in your commercial building without any problems!

Permanent or Temporary Stair Carpeting

When installing stair carpeting on commercial premises it is important to determine whether the carpeting will be permanent or temporary. This is important because it affects how much material you need to bring with you.

Permanent stair carpets are installed on top of stairs that won’t have any major changes in the futureand may be used for years without needing to replace them. Temporary stair carpeting is a special type of floor covering that can only be installed by professionals. This ensures durability and safety purposes for temporary use, while still looking good enough to please clients who are renting

What Materials to Use for

When you are thinking about the material for your stair carpet, it’s important to take into consideration how long and what types of foot traffic will be passing over them.

For example, if a hallway is frequented by pedestrians on their way to more popular areas in a store then heavy duty carpet may need to be used to ensure the aesthetics of the hallway stairs remain in good condition.

Determine How Much Carpeting You Need

Before the start of a project, it is crucial to calculate the amount of stair carpeting that you’ll need. This will allow the contractor to calculate how much material is needed for a particular job, and provide an accurate quote as well.

You will need to measure the area that is to be carpeted by measuring the length and width.

Next, you will need to determine if your measurements are in feet or metres (you can use an online conversion tool for that). Finally, you’ll divide those two numbers together: Length x Width ÷ 12 = Carpet Area Square Feet

This will give you a good understanding of how much product to buy with most online retailers selling sheet carpeting by metre squared. When considering how much carpeting to buy for the floor, always be mindful of any offcuts. This will ensure you don't end up with leftover scraps that are going to go unused and result in waste.

Ensure Safety During Installation

When installing carpets in a commercial environment, it is important to be mindful of the safety precautions that need to be taken.

For example, you should always wear a dust mask when installing carpet in a commercial environment as without one you are at risk for inhaling any particles in the air.

Also, be aware of the people around you. If you are installing carpet in a commercial space, it is likely that there will be people around who may not feel comfortable with the installation process and may need to walk over your work area before the carpet has been installed. If this is the case, take care to cover the areas you are working on with a tarp or temporary dust proof sheeting to prevent dust and debris from collecting on the subfloor.

In Conclusion

Stair carpets are a great way to add some extra style and comfort for your employees. If you're in the market, make sure that you take into account all of the factors we mentioned above when deciding which stair carpet is right for your commercial building.

Once installed, they can become an integral part of your industrial or business space! Let us know if you need more guidance on how to find the perfect one for you-our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions about stair carpets or help with installation.