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  1. A Guide To Underlay For Vinyl Flooring

    There are several steps associated with installing a vinyl floor. If you are planning such a project in the near future, it is important to appreciate some of the finer points. One issue to address involves what is known as a vinyl underlay. What is this material and why can it be useful on occasion? Will it be necessary for...
  2. What is the Best Flooring For Bathrooms?

    Blue Forge - Polysafe Hydro Safety Flooring is perfect for bathrooms. If there's anywhere in the house that needs a good floor, it's the bathroom. Bathrooms need practical flooring, for example, you wouldn't lay down carpet in a bathroom. Safety is crucial and ideally a non-slip surface would be best. With such a wet environment, the flooring also must...
  3. What flooring is best for underfloor heating

    Underfloor heating is an economical and efficient way of heating your house that eliminates the need for bulky radiators. It gives you an evenly warmed home and lower energy bills, but your choice of flooring will impact on the warmth generated. In order to get the most from your new underfloor heating you will need a material that conducts the...
  4. Benefits of Altro Safety Flooring

    When it comes to choosing the right safety flooring, you simply cannot afford to take any chances. As a company with a world-class reputation for excellence, Altro is the number one choice for all your safety flooring requirements. Continue reading

  5. Guide to Office Carpet Tiles

    We are in the middle of carpet tiles take over; carpet rolls are now becoming outdated. There are numerous reasons why carpet tiles popularity has increased in the recent years, like the fairly easy do-it-yourself approach of placing them yourself instead of spending all the money on hiring a carpet fitter to do the job. Carpet tiles are popular in...
  6. How To Choose Vinyl Floor Tiles

    With advances in technology as well as printing, vinyl flooring now competes with natural materials like real stone flooring, solid wood flooring plus ceramic and porcelain tiles regarding texture and appearance. Continue reading

  7. How To Choose Office Floor Tiles

    There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing floor tiles for an office.

    Is the choice of flooring for your office refit keeping you awake at night? Are you considering a refurb and would like to know more about your options when it comes to office floor tiles? Continue reading

  8. Contract Carpet Tiles Explained

    Eco-Friendly Contract Carpet Tiles Explained

    Carpet tiles are a popular domestic and commercial flooring option because they offer an attractive, warm environment. Continue reading

  9. Benefits of Vinyl Floor Tiles

    The most common floor design tiles in a majority of homes are the vinyl floor tiles. Vinyl flooring is quite popular since it provides various flooring options from planks, sheets to tiles.

    Continue reading

  10. A Look at Polyflor | Floor Coverings Manufacturers

    A Look at Polyflor | Floor Coverings Manufacturers

    Polyflor, the major manufacturer of commercial floor covering is based in Manchester, England and operates all over the world. The manufacturer invests in the constant improvement of its processes and products to meet the ever growing demands of the market. Continue reading

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