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  1. How To Clean Non Slip Flooring

    Non-slip flooring is one of the conveniences that come with modern flooring. It may be used in hospitals, warehouses, or offices. It is usually textured to prevent you from slipping and falling. The little bumps also improve its aesthetic appeal. Even non-slip flooring is a great choice, it comes with plenty of cleaning challenges. Continue reading

  2. How Vinyl Floor Tiles Are Made

    Vinyl flooring is popular because it offers plenty of benefits. Today, vinyl flooring comes in plenty of designs that mimic the real thing. It is a great choice for the wet areas of a home such as bathrooms and kitchens since it is completely waterproof.

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  3. Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

    Vinyl is a popular flooring option because it is beautiful, affordable, and suitable for many applications. It is appropriate for both commercial and domestic use. There are plenty of vinyl flooring options so it is possible to find something for everyone. Continue reading

  4. How To Clean Camaro Flooring

    Have you recently installed bespoke Camaro flooring within your home or office? If so, you are likely already aware that this is one of the most attractive and modern flooring solutions on the market today. It is still important to keep these vinyl tiles in the best shape possible by adopting the proper maintenance techniques. How should this type of flooring be...
  5. How To Fit Vinyl Sheet Flooring

    There are many different flooring options for your home and a growing number of individuals are choosing to leverage the benefits associated with vinyl floor tiles. Not only is this surface extremely durable, but the styles and design options are nearly limitless. Still, knowing how to fit sheet flooring within a room is critical if you hope to achieve a seamless...
  6. How To Tile a Floor

    Tiled floors are some of the most resilient and hard-wearing surfaces that can be chosen for a commercial or domestic location. Not only can you select from a wide range of styles and colours, but these floors will last for decades at a time if cared for properly. Still, it is always a good idea to know how to install vinyl...
  7. How To Determine How Much Flooring You Need To Buy

    The installation of bespoke file flooring can provide any environment with a much-needed visual change of pace. Not only are these modern materials intended to last for years at a time with only a minimal amount of maintenance, but the colour and design options are nearly limitless. Still, any quality flooring solution represents a very real investment. This is just...
  8. How to Install Safety Flooring

    Installing different types of flooring hardly represents a "one-size-fits-all" task. Different materials and environments will naturally require unique approaches and some methods work better than others. The key takeaway point is that following the correct installation process will save a great deal of time and it can also help to expend the lifespan of the floor in question. Let's now...
  9. Which Carpet Tiles Should be Chosen for an Office Environment?

    CFS New Tornado Carpet Tiles - Monsoon would be a great choice for your office flooring Carpets can provide offices with a sensation of comfort and warmth that would not always be possible through the use of other materials such as tile or wood. Still, we need to keep in mind these locations tend to represent high-traffic environments. This...
  10. What is the Best Flooring For Bathrooms?

    Blue Forge - Polysafe Hydro Safety Flooring is perfect for bathrooms. If there's anywhere in the house that needs a good floor, it's the bathroom. Bathrooms need practical flooring, for example, you wouldn't lay down carpet in a bathroom. Safety is crucial and ideally a non-slip surface would be best. With such a wet environment, the flooring also must...

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