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  1. 3 Types of Flooring for Beginners Which are Easy to Install

    3 Types of Flooring for Beginners Which are Easy to Install
    Have you been thinking about upgrading the flooring within your home? Perhaps a carpet has worn thin or a traditional hardwood surface has suffered years of wear and tear. Such projects can be somewhat challenging if you do not possess much experience. However, we also need to point out that modern systems are ideally suited for beginners and that the...
  2. 5 Reasons Why Vinyl Flooring is So Popular

    5 Reasons Why Vinyl Flooring is So Popular
    There are many different types of flooring solutions on the market and some are better than others. What are five features which have served to define the popularity of vinyl over the years? Cost One of the main advantages of vinyl floor tiles centres around their cost. They are much cheaper when compared to other materials such as wood, ceramic...
  3. Flooring Types to Consider for Hotels

    Flooring Types to Consider for Hotels
    What Flooring Solutions are Best Suited for Hotels? There are several metrics which serve to define a quality hotel. One of the most important is its physical layout and the amenities offered to guests. Flooring is therefore quite important, as these materials need to be able to stand up to a significant level of foot traffic while retaining their beauty...
  4. Common Flooring Used in Prisons

    Common Flooring Used in Prisons
    There are many institutions which require specialised flooring solutions in order to meet stringent demands. This is particularly the case when referring to buildings intended to deal with a great deal of foot traffic and that are required to maintain superior levels of hygiene. Continue reading →
  5. How do Vinyl and Laminate Flooring Differ

    How do Vinyl and Laminate Flooring Differ
    Vinyl and laminate are two of the most popular flooring choices within today's marketplace. Not only are both of these materials durable, but they can be procured in a nearly limitless number of styles and tones. Continue reading →
  6. How is Sheet Vinyl Made?

    How is Sheet Vinyl Made?
    Vinyl floors are able to offer homeowners with a truly attractive and hard-wearing option if they are looking for alternatives to traditional materials such as wood and stone. Continue reading →
  7. How To Lay Anti Slip Vinyl Around Bathroom Furniture

    How To Lay Anti Slip Vinyl Around Bathroom Furniture
    One of the challenges associated with bathroom flooring is that it will be required to cope with levels of moisture that are not present in other areas of the home. While tile and stone are always options, the fact of the matter is that these materials can be expensive and difficult to install. One interesting alternative can be seen in the use of vinyl. Continue reading →
  8. How is Slip Resistance Measured For Floors?

    There are many scenarios when slip-resistant flooring will be required in order to reduce the chances of an injury occurring. This type of material is often seen in wet rooms, public entrances, hospitals, schools, and play areas for children. However, you might not be aware that there are different grades of slip-resistant flooring depending upon the requirements of the customer...
  9. A Guide To Commercial Carpet Underlay

    Not only are carpets intended to provide a unique aesthetic appeal to an environment, but they are meant to be extremely comfortable and stable in terms of foot traffic. Many customers will therefore take into account metrics such a the pile thickness, the style and size when addressing a commercial location. However, what occurs "behind the scenes" is just as...
  10. What is the Safest Type of Flooring for Seniors?

    Senior citizens are associated with a host of special needs in regards to the type of flooring that should be chosen. Whether referring to a home or a care centre, there are two main concerns to address: safety and maintenance. Thus, it is clear that traditional vinyl options might not be entirely appropriate. This is why it is important to appreciate those brands brands which have been specifically engineered for seniors. Let's take a closer look. Continue reading →

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