Creaky floors are a common problem in older homes. These home's floors will often start to squeak and groan, especially when someone walks on them for the first time. It can be annoying but there are some quick solutions that will help you put an end to those pesky creaks once and for all!

Place a Rug or Carpet On The Floor

You can also place a rug or carpet on the floor to help absorb some of the noise. This will often have an instant effect and you'll notice that creaks are less audible when someone steps on this type of surface. The advantage here is that it's low cost, easy to do, and quick acting!

Clean Up All Dirt And Dust, Including under furniture

With older homes, creaking is often caused by dirt and dust that has accumulated over time.

This can also happen with newer houses, as well if not all surfaces are vacuumed regularly or dusted.

Look under furniture for any loose debris before walking on it to help reduce the chances of getting a floorboard caught underneath your feet!

Use Silicone to Seal Gaps Between Boards

For more modern homes, it's very likely that floors have gaps between boards. These are usually under appliances or large furniture, but can also be in the wall-to-wall area of a home. Silicone is great for filling these cracks and will work to eliminate any clicking sounds created by walking across them!

Replace Your Floorboards with Hardwood or Laminate Floors

If your creaking floor's days are numbered, the next step might be to replace it with something higher quality.

Hardwood floors or laminate flooring can provide a more modern look and feel for any home without the need to live in perpetual fear of clicking sounds!

Here at Flooring Supplies Direct, we supply a wide range of safety flooring and sheet vinyl for any budget that will help to solve your creaking floor problem.

Add Soundproofing Insulation Underneath The Floorboards

The last tip we would recommend for solving your noisy floor's problem is to add soundproofing insulation underneath the boards.

This will help eliminate any creaking noises that come from walking on them! Soundproofing insulation is made of materials like lead, rubber and cotton.

Soundproofing insulation can be bought at most hardware stores or home improvement shops for around £20 per roll. It is important to remember that the thicker the soundproofing material is, the more it will cost you!

In Conclusion

We know that creaky floors can be a nuisance for homeowners. The best ways to stop those pesky floor squeaks are with the right type of wood, installation techniques, and regular maintenance schedules. If you would like more guidance on what type of flooring is best for your home or how to get rid of those irritating pops and cracks once and for all, contact us today!