Commercial carpet tiles have recently become popular because of their many benefits. They are easy to install on the concrete floors in your office. They can save you a lot of money because you don’t need to hire a lot of labour; you can do it yourself with a little help.Laying Beige Carpet

Concrete floors are durable and can support the heavy traffic in the office, but they can get uncomfortable; the wide range of office carpet tiles make the floors better. These are the steps to follow during the installation process.

Choose the Right Commercial Carpet Tiles

Most of the traditional carpets only have one design pattern, texture, colour and shape. It's different with the carpet tiles because you get various pieces that you can be creative with. Depending on the commercial area's colour theme, you will have to be tactical with the tiles you choose.

Try mixing different colours, patterns and designs from the range of choices you have, or you can keep it simple and use one design. Cfs carpets are available online, do some browsing before the installation and find what works for your office. Getting the right carpet is very important; it can enhance the existing look or contradict it.


The carpet tiles usually have straight edges; they come with the floor adhesive or pick- and-stick adhesive depending on the manufacturer.

First, you need to clean the concrete for the tiles to adhere correctly. If the floor is very moist, you will have to use sealant before the installation.

Ensure you have the room's measurements and use chalk lines to mark the centre point and how the tiles will be arranged.

The lines you draw should be proportional to the tiles you have. Begin with an easy tile layout without adhesive to ensure everything fits correctly.

Please pay attention to the arrow behind the tile; it indicates where the patterns need to face. Then use adhesive and lay the tiles accordingly on the concrete. Start from the centre and ensure the tiles hit the walls; you will trim after the installation.


The commercial carpet tiles are easy to install and will last longer on a concrete floor because the adhesive will be more effective.

They give a different look to the offices from the traditional ones and are more effective than rags. It’s easy to replace individual tiles if they get damaged, and they are water and moisture-resistant.