Altro provide safety flooring that is anti-slip and makes your commercial premises safer for your staff, colleagues, and even your customers. Altro flooring provides sustained protection from slips and trips for the lifespan of the floor, even when something has been spilled on the surface, which is a common hazard in some factories and other workplaces. Altro's flooring is tough and hardwearing, and will continue to protect people even when the floor has started to wear, through time and use.

What is Altro Flooring Made From

Altro's Safety Flooring is made from a combination of aluminium, quartz, and silicon carbide. This is distributed through the top layer, to ensure that the flooring remains safe, even when it has been walked on and worn away slightly. Altro offer a One in a Million guarantee with their flooring, meaning that there is just a one in a million chance of someone falling or slipping on it, and this runs through the life of the flooring, which is roughly 25 years.

How do you clean Altro flooring?

Make sure that you get rid of any debris on the Altro flooring before cleaning it. Simply hoovering it to pick up this debris is fine, but it is important to do this before washing the floor. Then get a PH neutral detergent or floor cleaner, spray it directly to the floor, and then clean it off with a microfibre mop or cloth.

Make sure that the detergent is mixed to the correct ratio, or it could affect the finish of the floor. Also ensure that the floor is completely dry before walking on it again. If you need to use it quickly, simply dry it off as you go with another cloth.

Why Purchase Altro Flooring From Flooring Supplies Direct?

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