Adhesive Trowel

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Adhesive trowel with detachable wooden handle

Notched Adhesive Trowels for Well-Defined Applications

Using the correct tools for a job is the definition of efficiency. It also determines how well the project turns out. An adhesive trowel is a must-have tool when tiling. When laying tiles, you must ensure that the adhesive is applied properly to provide quality bonding. Whether you are fitting floor tiles in your bathroom or office carpet tiles, the adhesive has to be evenly spread.

At Flooring Supplies Direct, we provide a range of tiling tools like the notched trowel. The tool is suitable for scooping, spreading and levelling. You can use it for finishing adhesives as well as mortars. The trowel comes with a detachable handle to improve flexibility.

Built for Tiling

Our floor tile trowel is worth investing in because it makes flooring projects less complicated. Its well-designed notches allow you to apply the right amount of adhesive that the manufacturer recommends. Regardless of how much adhesive is on the trowel, the notches even it out. Therefore, you won't have to deal with excess wetting on your vinyl floor tiles.

Additionally, the notches leave spaces between the lines of tile adhesive or mortar, which allows air to escape when you lay the tile. The trowel's steel blade guarantees durability over various projects. It also has a grip handle that provides a firm hold when working. Note that the trowel size matters. So, if you are unclear if a tile trowel is appropriate for your project, we can help.

The type of floor trowel that you use for tiling can make or ruin your project. For even adhesive application and durable installations, try our notched adhesive trowel.

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