Tremco SX303 Latex Screed -

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Tremco SX303 Latex Screed -

SX303 is a moisture tolerent, low odour cement based latex underlayment.  Ideal for use in domestic, light commercial and light industrial enviroments as an underlayment, prior to application of carpet, linoleum and vinyl flooring.

Part A:  Grey Powder

Part B:  White Liquid

Application Thickness 2-10mm

Approc 5.5m2 per unit @ 2.5mm thickness

Sold per unit - Bag and Bottle

The Tremco SX303 Latex Screed is a floor levelling compound product that is designed to help create an even, level floor across the top of a substrate. The latex in this product means it can contain low levels of VOCs and is very easy to apply.

Advantages of Latex Floor Screed

A key advantage of latex floor screed is its adhesive nature - latex products are known for their bonding capabilities, meaning the latex screed can stick to a variety of surfaces without the need for primers or additional adhesives.

This latex product is considerably softer than some other screeds, which means it has good resistance against dents and compression as well as being excellent at avoiding damage from impact.

As a self-levelling compound, latex floor screed affords a high degree of accuracy when laying tiles.

Liquid Latex Floor Levelling Compound

Tremco SX303 comes in the form of powder and liquid latex and is mixed with water before application. Tremco latex floor screed offers unrivalled flexibility and can be used in a variety of applications from general domestic to commercial use.

There are latex products available in a range of finishes, from matt to high grits giving the end-user a choice based on area usage and preferences.

Part A: Grey Powder

Part B: White Liquid

Application Thickness 2-10mm

Approx 5.5m2 per unit @ 2.5mm thickness.

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