Granite Chippings

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3 mill graded aggregate for use with sub floor smoothing compounds where thick applications are required.Sold per 25KG bag

Levelling Solutions with Granite Chippings Different Flooring Applications

Before laying any type of flooring, you must ensure that the concrete floor is even. Most concrete floors and floor screeds are not always level, so uneven floors are not uncommon. You will find that it is harder to lay an even concrete floor over a large area compared to a small room.

However, uneven concrete shouldn't intimidate you. You can use a self-levelling compound to even out the surface. How much the floor is out of level determines the products to use. If the thickness is more than 5mm, then you need to mix in 3mm granite chippings with the self-levelling compound.

Adding the chippings strengthens and thickens the mixture. Bulking out the levelling compound reduces costs significantly since you don't have to use as much mixture as you would without the granite chippings.

At Flooring Supplies Direct, you can find 3mm graded aggregate granite chips that can be used with a variety of smoothing compounds.

Serving All Your Floor Levelling Needs

Apart from chippings, we stock various other products that come in handy in floor levelling projects. If you need to remove all imperfections from your floors, then the Ardex Feather Finish is a good choice. The cement-based underlayment provides a perfect permanent finish that simplifies floor installation.

Therefore, you don't have to apply an extra skim coat to create a smooth finish. You can use the product for different floor solutions, such as sheet vinyl. If you are looking to lay a self-levelling compound in thin layers, then you require latex screed. The latex in the screening compound makes it flexible such that it can move without cracking.

Product Quality Guaranteed

We are the go-to supplier for floor stone levelling solutions because we only stock the best products. Our collection includes products from some of the biggest brands like Ardex and F. Ball and Co. Whether you want to buy chippings, granite screed, repair mortar or other flooring accessories, we guarantee premium options.

Whatever the project, you can count on finding suitable floor levelling products. If you are unclear about the right compounds to get, our support team can help.

Order graded aggregate granite chippings in 25Kg bulk bags from us at some of the best online prices.

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