CFS Lavish Lawns

Luxuriously Elegant Artificial Turf with CFS Lavish Lawns

Artificial lawns provide great benefits compared to the real thing. For one, you don't happen to incur the maintenance costs of keeping natural grass. However, the quality of synthetic turf influences how much you benefit.

CFS offers some of the best artificial grass on the market. By using superior quality material, the manufacturer produces high-performance synthetic turf. CFS Lavish Lawns is eco-friendly and weather resistant. Its ability to survive harsh weather conditions saves you a substantial amount of money.

The artificial grass comes with a 10-year UV guarantee. You don't have to replace your synthetic lawn after only a few months. The turf doesn't require mowing, doesn't get muddy or messy. Consequently, you get to reduce maintenance costs for your artificial grass.

Style Your Space as Required

Flooring Supplies Direct is among the top online stores to ger Lavish Lawns from CFS. Therefore, contact us to buy genuine products. We have the range in four colours that you can choose depending on your needs. You can get the Plush, Spring, Majestic or Flourish.

Lavish Lawn can transform almost any setting into a beautiful, relaxing place. You can install it on a balcony or roof garden, terrace, patio, mobile home, houseboat, swimming pool and hot tub surround, among many others. The turf colours are natural; it's hard to tell that the lawn is synthetic. Liven up your indoors and outdoors with this stunning artificial turf that promises a long life.

Are you searching for high-quality, realistic and low maintenance artificial turf? Look no further than CFS Lavish Lawns. Enjoy great scenery all year round at a reasonable price.