Naxos Breeze - Burmatex Tivoli

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Naxos Breeze - Burmatex Tivoli

Tivoli presents a high performance (class 33) loop pile carpet tile, made with 100% solution dyed nylon and including tivoli, tivoli online and tivoli multiline.

These designs – a solid colour, tivoli, classic pinstripe, tivoli online and a varied stripe, tivoli multiline – can be used individually or in a bespoke arrangement, with the expansive, modern colour palette enabling neutral or innovative, creative layouts suitable across all commercial and public spaces.

Tiles are:  50 cm x 50 cm 20 (5m2)

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Product description Low Level Loop Yarn description 100% Solution Dyed Nylon (Polyamide-PA) Size 50cm x 50cm Pile weight 600g/m2 Total weight 4050g/m2 Total thickness 6.5mm
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