What is Vinyl Flooring
There are many different types of flooring found throughout modern homes and offices. However, vinyl is without a doubt one of the most popular due to its many unique benefits when compared to alternatives such as stone, wood or carpet.

This material is often taken for granted due to its nearly ubiquitous presence and yet, its physical properties are actually quite interesting. What makes vinyl floor tiles so special? Why are they often the preferred choice for home and business owners alike?

Let's take a look at the principles behind vinyl in order to fully appreciate the bigger picture.

Vinyl Flooring: The Basics

Some consumers will confuse vinyl with linoleum. While both of these materials may appear similar at first glance, vinyl is much more durable. This ensures a greater degree of longevity within areas associated with high traffic such as kitchens and indoor walkways.

However, both vinyl and linoleum are considered to be chemical "cousins" due to their internal similarities. There are two primary types of vinyl floors. Some are supplied in sheets which others have been cut into tiles.

Numerous Styles and Designs to Choose From

The technology behind sheet vinyl flooring and vinyl tiles has come a long way over the past few decades. Not only is this substance extremely durable, but the number of styles and designs to choose from are nearly limitless.

The same holds true in regards to realism. It is now possible to encounter vinyl flooring that is virtually indistinguishable from natural materials such as hardwood surfaces and marble. This has enabled vinyl to represent an extremely attractive alternative.

The Cost-Effective Solution

On a final note, vinyl flooring represents an extremely budget-friendly solution if you happen to be keeping a close eye on your finances. In fact, the majority of surfaces can be installed at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional floors.

Whether you have just purchased a property or you are considering a home sale in the future, there is no doubt that the presence of vinyl will add value to the property in question.