Blue Forge - Polysafe Hydro Blue Forge - Polysafe Hydro Safety Flooring is perfect for bathrooms.

If there's anywhere in the house that needs a good floor, it's the bathroom. Bathrooms need practical flooring, for example, you wouldn't lay down carpet in a bathroom. Safety is crucial and ideally a non-slip surface would be best. With such a wet environment, the flooring also must be durable so that it will last for a long time.

Polysafe bathroom flooring is perfect for a bathroom. Their flooring is extremely durable and will last for many years. The flooring also boasts non-slip technology making it extremely safe for all the family. Especially if you have young children, you can be sure that they will be safe getting in and out of the shower. The elderly would also benefit from this, as it would give them a little more independence for longer.

Polysafe is great for commercial uses too. Changing areas for public, school or resort swimming pools are constantly getting wet. This makes it hazardous, but with Polysafe, the changing area will become much safer. Especially for children who occasionally ignore the no running signs.

What can Polysafe offer?

Polysafe offer a wide range of different flooring designed for bathroom use. The standard Polysafe range is a highly durable option. This is an extremely popular option for any use. The peace of mind with a sustainable slip resistance surface is guaranteed. The standard Polysafe range has 16 incredible designs with clean finishes. This gives the individual plenty of options for their bathroom or commercial space. The finish is highly attractive for commercial and residential settings.

Other Brilliant Polysafe Ranges

The Polysafe hydro range is a safety flooring designed specifically for continually wet floors. This range is wonderful in commercial settings with swimming pools or in residential settings. Wet rooms would also highly benefit from this flooring, as would a disabled individual. This flooring would also be suitable for dog owners who have dogs that easily slip when getting out of the bath. The range is available in traditional or a multi-chip design and in 8 colours. Make your space beautiful and safe with the Polysafe hydro range.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated and decorative style look no further than the wood fx PUR range. Polysafe flooring can offer a safe vinyl option that features popular wood designs. This range offers light to dark coloured, non-intrusive safety aggregates in the vinyl. Creating a safe and highly attractive option for commercial or residential areas.

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