How To Fit Vinyl Sheet Flooring

There are many different flooring options for your home and a growing number of individuals are choosing to leverage the benefits associated with vinyl floor tiles. Not only is this surface extremely durable, but the styles and design options are nearly limitless.

Still, knowing how to fit sheet flooring within a room is critical if you hope to achieve a seamless and appealing ambience. What are some important tips and tricks to employ along the way?

Try to Work with a Single Sheet

When possible, it is best to use a single sheet (or as large of a surface area as possible). This will help to prevent noticeable seams and the flooring itself is less likely to suffer from excess wear and tear. If a single sheet is not possible, measure the dimensions in such a way as to maximise the amount of material to be used.

The Fitting Process

Assuming that you have measured and cut the appropriate size, the next step is to lay the sheet down. Orientate the sheet in such a manner as to allow its length to be parallel with the longest wall. Provide a minimum skirting space of 25 millimetres around the periphery.

The profile of the wall skirting should also be traced around the edge of the vinyl sheeting in the event that the walls are not true (straight). You can then line up the edge of the sheet with the skirting; ensuring a seamless fit. Be sure to check for any gaps during this step.

Accommodating for Corners and Other Issues

Before adhesive is applied to the underside of the vinyl, cut a triangular section out of any corner that will be fit into a corner of the room. This "butterfly" pattern will enable the vinyl to lay flat.

In the event that a single sheet needs to be supplemented with other sections to address larger room dimensions, be sure to follow the steps mentioned above and always try to leave at least ten per cent excess in the event that tiny gaps need to be addressed.

Please keep in mind that this is only a brief and general overview of how to lay sheet vinyl flooring. Those who would like additional advice or who are curious to learn more about the available styles are encouraged top contact Flooring Supplies Direct at their earliest convenience.