How To Determine How Much Flooring You Need To Buy

The installation of bespoke file flooring can provide any environment with a much-needed visual change of pace. Not only are these modern materials intended to last for years at a time with only a minimal amount of maintenance, but the colour and design options are nearly limitless. Still, any quality flooring solution represents a very real investment.

This is just as true when referring to non slip flooring as it is when discussing traditional vinyl tiles or sheets. One of the most important factors to take into account is knowing how to determine the amount of material that will be required. The good news is that this feat is easy to accomplish if the right approach is taken.

Step 1: Obtaining Physical Measurements of the Room

This first step is undeniably the most obvious. You will need to obtain a measurement of the room in square feet or metres (depending upon which is more appropriate). This can be obtained by measuring the length and width of the area.

The product of these two will equate its dimensions. For example, a 10 x 10 metre room is the equivalent to 100 square metres. Perform this task for other small areas that may be present such as closet spaces. The total figure will provide you with a rough estimate of the amount of material that is required.

Step 2: Accounting for Waste and Possible Excess

It is always better to slightly overestimate the amount of flooring required as opposed to "coming up short". Most technicians will include an additional ten per cent to their initial measurement.

Using the previous example, ten per cent of 100 square metres is 10 square metres; resulting in 110 metres total. This is always wise, as you will be able to replace tiles or sections in the future if they happen to become damaged.

Step 3: Consulting with a Professional Dealer

The final step involves speaking with a reputable flooring specialist. This firm will be able to accommodate your dimensional requirements and you can also choose from modern solutions such as Polyflor flooring in order to achieve a truly stunning finish.

So, it should now be clear to see that accurately estimating the amount of material required is much easier than it may initially appear. If you have any additional doubts or questions, a customer representative at Flooring Supplies Direct is always available to help.