How to Clean Underlying Surfaces Before Installing Flooring
The installation of new flooring can be a challenging task and being prepared in advance is the best way to tackle even the most difficult projects. One of the most important aspects is ensuring that the surface where the flooring will be applied is free from debris and other contaminants.

This is the best way to guarantee that it adheres properly and that you will not be burdened with excessive maintenance concerns in the future. Let us look at what you should look out for when installing safety flooring and similar protective surfaces.

Standing Water and Other Liquids

It is critical that the underlying surface is free from puddles and all areas of moisture. If standing water is allowed to remain in place, the glue will fail to adhere properly. This may also lead to mould problems and bubbles; both requiring extensive intervention and the flooring itself might even need to be removed once it has already been put in place.

Protruding Elements

The surface should be as flat as possible. It is a good idea to check for any nails or other objects that may be sticking out above the surface. This situation will otherwise cause major issues during the installation process. Remove any bent nails, splinters or bolts that may be present.

Grease and Oil-Based Stains

Certain oil-based substances could bleed through the new flooring and cause surface stains. These very same materials may also prevent the new flooring from adhering to the underlying surface. If you happen to notice such spots, it is wise to obtain the proper cleaning solution in order to neutralise their presence before beginning the installation process.

Dirt and Dust

Always sweep the associated area before installing vinyl floor tiles. In the event that a significant amount of dust is present, it is often prudent to use a vacuum so that small particulate matter can be removed. Dirt and dust will impact how the tiles adhere to the surface and once again, this can lead to costly issues in the near future.

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