Non-slip flooring is one of the conveniences that come with modern flooring. It may be used in hospitals, warehouses, or offices. It is usually textured to prevent you from slipping and falling. The little bumps also improve its aesthetic appeal. Even non-slip flooring is a great choice, it comes with plenty of cleaning challenges.

non slip flooringSince the surface is textured, it holds a lot of grime and dirt. When cleaning, you must strive to get it all out. When mopping the floor you will notice that there are plenty of dark and discoloured areas since dirt and grime fill the little pores. If you think that your non-slip floors remain dark and discoloured even after cleaning, this article may help.

Cleaning Non-Slip Flooring

When cleaning your non-slip floors, there are a few mistakes that you must avoid. Some of the most common ones include the use of cheap generic solutions or bleach. These treatments may not have what it takes to penetrate through grease and grime. Do not use laundry detergent. When it mixes with grease, it may form.

For the best results, use a scrubber drier machine. It is, however, not a substitute for maintenance mopping. A scrubber drier machine picks up water from the little crevices on the floor. It helps to get rid of all the dirty water and grime. Maintenance mopping helps to prevent the build-up of dirt. Use a biological cleaning solution at least twice every week. Choose a cleaning solution that does not contain any harsh chemicals. If the fumes are harsh, it may be inappropriate for use in confined spaces. Choose a rag mop instead of a sponge mop to keep it from disintegrating.

Maintenance Mopping

What You Need

  • A bucket of warm water
  • A rug mop or soft brush
  • Cleaning solution
  1. Apply Cleaning Solution

Apply a layer of your cleaning solution on the floor. For effectiveness, apply it to a small area at a time. Attempting to clean the entire floor at once can take a lot of time so the solution is likely to dry up and become more difficult to clean.

  1. Start Scrubbing

After applying a layer of your cleaning solution on the floor, it is time to start scrubbing. Use your rag mop or soft brushes and some warm water to keep scrubbing. Scrub little spaces at a time. Rinse your brush or mop frequently to avoid circulating dirt. Scrub until you are satisfied that the floor is clean.

  1. Rinse

Once your floor is clean, it is time to rinse. Use clean water to get rid of the remaining soap and dry it with a towel. If you leave the water to dry on its own, your floor will still appear discoloured. Rinse in small parts and repeat as much as you need for the floor to be clean.

If you feel that cleaning your non-slip floor is taking too much of your time and effort, consider hiring professionals to help you. Some floors take a little more effort to clean than others. Flooring Supplies Direct is a great choice for carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, vinyl tiles, and safety flooring in the UK. We are a  company who have been in business for 40 years and our prices are competitive.