Are you considering vinyl floors for your home or business? Vinyl is a great option thanks to the sheer number of styles to choose from as well as its innate sense of durability. However, it is also important to understand how to properly apply vinyl floor adhesive if you hope to make quick work out of a challenging project. Let's take a quick look at a handful of step-by-step professional recommendations.

Preparatory Steps

It is first important to purchase the right type of glue for your requirements, as some tiles will require water-based adhesives while others could necessitate an oil-based derivative. Make certain that all related surfaces are clean and dry, as any dirt can impact the adhesion of the tiles. Finally, read the official instructions. This is essential if you hope to avoid any mistakes during the process.

The Application Process

You will next need to pour a sizeable portion of the glue on the floor. Using a flat trowel, begin to spread this adhesive in broad and flat strokes. Be sure to work the glue in evenly so that only a thin coating remains. This helps to guarantee that the tiles themselves will remain flush to the surface.

It is best to spread the adhesive with semicircular strokes and "pull" the adhesive back to yourself (you will be working backwards as opposed to moving forward). Only apply the adhesive to a manageable section, as it might otherwise begin to dry before you have a chance to lay the vinyl floor tiles down.

Be sure to spread the adhesive as close to the edges of the floor as possible so that the sides of the tiles do not inadvertently begin to peel up. Finally, try to work in sections that are approximately two metres wide, as this will speed up the application process.

Additional Tips

Many vinyl adhesives are known for their strong odour, so it is wise to work within a well-ventilated area. On a final note, it is a good idea to speak with a trained professional at Flooring Supplies Direct if you have any additional questions or concerns. With the right amount of preparation, applying vinyl adhesive is much easier than you may think.