There are several steps associated with installing a vinyl floor. If you are planning such a project in the near future, it is important to appreciate some of the finer points. One issue to address involves what is known as a vinyl underlay.

A Guide To Underlay For Vinyl Flooring
What is this material and why can it be useful on occasion? Will it be necessary for your project? Let us take a quick look at why underlay for vinyl flooring is used and a handful of its main benefits.

What is an Underlay?

This type of underlay is generally required when using click-lock vinyl tiles that are thicker than four millimetres. The main intention behind an underlay is to provide a greater degree of shock absorption while holding the tiles themselves firmly in place.

Please note that an underlay will NOT be needed in the event that the tiles are glued, as this method attaches them directly to the sub floor.

What are Some of the Benefits of a Vinyl Underlay?

We already mentioned that these thin laminates can help to absorb shocks that take place as the result of foot traffic. However, they also serve several additional purposes including:

  • Cushioning for a softer feel.
  • Sound absorption.
  • Extra thermal protection during the colder months of the year.
  • Barriers against moisture that might otherwise remain trapped between the tiles and the sub floor.

As these layers are also quite thin (between 1 and 1.5 millimetres), they are also relatively easy to install. However, they can also help to cover up any minor imperfections that might exist within the sub floor. If you encounter such issues, an underlay for vinyl flooring could be a great option to consider.

Choosing the Best Underlay for Your Project

As there are many different types of underlays, it can sometimes be tricky to appreciate which is best for your needs. For example, you will require a thicker underlay when dealing with concrete sub floors (due to its added cushioning).

When installing vinyl over an existing surface such as wood or even other tiles, underlays will generally not require a moisture barrier. Thees are only to suggestions to keep in mind. It is wise to speak with a specialist to learn more about the appropriate configuration for your needs.

Flooring Supplies Direct offers Polyflor Camaro Loc underlays as well as countless other vinyl products and if you are curious to learn more, please feel free to contact one of our representatives.